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A mother and her two daughters, the stand-in preacher and his wife, and the regular pastor’s daughter, 14, are named as the first of the Texas church shooter’s 26 victims. The first victim to be identified was Annabelle Pomeroy, (right) whose father – First Baptist Church Pastor Frank Pomeroy – had been out of town during the attack. Bryan Holcombe (top left with his wife Karla) had been standing in for Frank Pomeroy when Kelley opened fire. Witnesses say he was the first victim to be struck by the shooter’s gunfire. Their pregnant daughter-in-law Crystal, (bottom left) also died, local residents reported.Mother-of-four Joann Ward (second from left, bottom row) and three of her children were also shot. Family have since told the Dallas News that Joann and two of her daughters, six-year-old Brooke (top row, center) and eight-year-old Emily have died (bottom row, second from right). Ward’s six-year-old stepson Rylan, who was shot four times, is still in hospital after undergoing emergency surgery. The mom’s eldest daughter Rihanna, 9, had the glasses shot off her face but escaped injury by hiding under a pew as shots rang out.

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