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admin December 3, 2017

Earlier this week, many Facebook users were posting red hearts in support of breast cancer awareness, but one woman is opening up about why a “cute heart” isn’t going to help save lives. Erin Smith Chieze posted the photo above on Facebook, giving an explicit description of how breast cancer can look and feel, and it’s going […]

admin December 3, 2017

In these dark times that we find ourselves in, there are still a lot of people across the world who inspire hope and faith in humanity. These people are like brilliant stars on a dark night – and one of the stars who shines brightest is Mohamed Bzeek. Some people have such big hearts that […]

admin December 2, 2017

Often times people are completely stupid. You sometimes notice that things are not in the right place or you notice that certain things are not designed correctly. It’s often hard to believe that people can mess up so bad. But if you look at the photos we have gathered from around the internet you are […]

admin November 28, 2017

A man has been caught sending explicit messages and trying to meet up with a schoolboy for sex in a back alley after grooming him on Grindr. Dawid Rozycki believed he was chatting to a 15-year-old boy but he was in fact talking to members of paedophile vigilante group Dark Justice. The 24-year-old first contacted […]