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But as far as the ambition and the aberration of the Japanese have come, to go so far as to eat their neighbor. In the city of Tokyo (Japan) the first restaurant in the world that legally offers Humana meat was inaugurated. A scary restaurant nicknamed “The Resoto ototo no shoku ryohin”, which means in English “Edible Brother”,

opened its doors to the Japanese public and from all over the world, where it offers its customers a varied menu where prices vary from 100 up to 1000 euros, that is to say the dish with human flesh, more expensive would be 1193 US dollars.
International news sources have reported that a tourist from the country of Argentina, was the first man to eat human flesh in the “Edible Brother”.


This diner I think the following: “It seems like eating pork, in this restaurant they cook the meat with spices, so the taste goes unnoticed.”
In Japan since 2014 a law was approved that allows the consumption of human flesh, obviously conserving conditions such as the sanitary level of this and the origin. However, there is no doubt that at least 99% of the world population would not agree with these grotesque acts, so to speak.

And the question we all ask ourselves, how do they get the meat?
The people before dying decide to sell their bodies to the peculiar restaurant, approximately for about 30 thousand euros or 35,799 dollars, this is the balance that those interested can leave their families, logically they are the only ones who can claim the money.

Only people who die young can sign the contract, in which they are subject to a special diet, where the meat is suitable for consumption.

And would you be willing to sell your body to be consumed after your death?

29 thoughts on “They open the first Restaurant of Human Meat in the World

  1. Damnnnnn ! Human Meat, Seriously ?. That Being The Case. I Can Come Kill The Restaurant Owners & Sell Their Meat Back to them. I’d make a Few Bucks & Donate the Money to the Victims Family…

  2. How would one call this . . . . legalised cannibalism? People already have the privileged choice of consuming the meat of the Animal Kingdom. Is there no limit to viande greediness? I’m curious to hear what food critics would say to this aberration.
    P.s. For once I’m hoping this is “fake news”.

  3. We use force and violence to kill and eat the flesh of animals who don’t want to die.
    Eating humans, who are also animals, and have consented to be eaten, may save the lives of some of the other animals we brutally slaughter.

  4. The world is really coming to and end. The court or what or whoever authorized this inhuman business has given warrant for people to be killed. I don’t know if that does not infringe on their human right as a country. What will WHO and UN say about this?

  5. So the Japanese government has legalized cannibalism in this 21st century, and the whole world is silent. Beard of the Prophets !!!!!

  6. R u Zombies damnit.. at the end.. when we don’t get any food from mother nature. That someones mom or dad bullshit u eat.. better sucied dear if u don’t get food..

  7. R u Zombies damnit.. at the end.. when we don’t get any food from mother nature. That someones mom or dad bullshit u eat.. better sucied dear if u don’t get food.. thanku

  8. The world surely has lost its marbles eating themselves. The rule does not apply to eating human flesh has forbidden and unethical according to law and environmental. I believe those who so are liable to prosecution as they might have been dodge doing that to contaminate human being. Anyway according to the bible the book of Leviticus and Numbers explained into details why no human should eat another flesh with blood. One and most crucial thing is incurable diseases and God healing power cannot deal with disobedient of mankind. To God all mankind come to God we returns in Jesus name pls serve food not poison.

  9. It’s heartening to hear that investigation proves that this news is actually false. Thankyou for this clarification !

  10. If so was young and my body could payback the last installment to my dear family… Why not. Hope I am born in Japan in my next birth. At least by not burning me they have less pollution and by not burying me they have more space!!! About eating… No noway. I can’t eat beaf…how can I eat humans.

  11. This was the only thing left….kill each other and eat!!!whats the difference between animals and humans..there they are forced by nature to survive..even the wildest of animal would not eat it’s race and here humans are willing to eat their own…DISGUSTED!!!! SHAME ON THE PEOPLE OPENINH SUCH A RESTURANT AND THE COOK WHO COOKED THE FLESH. So the restaurant owner the cook will all be donating their bodies too to be cooked ?!?

  12. So much war around the globe. What to do with these dead bodies ?? They think that this is the f*cking solution. Killing humans and give humans to eat… what a f*cking cycle.

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